80 Years of Social Work | Welcome

Led by the visionary Jocelyn Hyslop, a Diploma of Social Studies was established at this University in 1941, the second such program in Australia. Strongly influenced by advances in the United States, this program was focused on preparing graduates to work at the frontlines of poverty, social inequality and psychosocial vulnerability in all its contexts.

Since these origins, our commitment to social justice, human rights and wellbeing has continued. Social work students at The University of Melbourne continue to engage in a vibrant, research-led learning experiences, preparing them for practice, research and leadership in diverse practice contexts.

Today, it is a Master of Social Work program, attracting both local and international students. Our social work education commitment has widened to include Indigenous knowledges, narrative therapy, and advanced, specialist coursework. We are situated in a School of Health Sciences, in the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences, reflective of our ongoing contribution to health, wellbeing and empowerment in multidisciplinary contexts.

Throughout this year, we celebrate the threads of our history that speak to our present and our future.

This year, we celebrate 80 years of social work education at the University of Melbourne.

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