Acute cardiorespiratory and exercise oncology

This program of work focuses on generating and implementing new evidence regarding the role of physiotherapy, exercise, physical activity and rehabilitation to minimise disease burden and maximise patient outcomes in the areas of acute cardiorespiratory and cancer. The program has a strong focus on survivors of critical illness, as well as patients with cancer and those undergoing major surgery. The research program is based on the premise that targeted exercise training or rehabilitation is not commonly part of usual care or well understood for these patients, despite strong potential need and benefit. The research program includes studies conducted with both quantitative and qualitative methodologies and involves staff and research higher degree students. The studies are commonly conducted with several of our partner hospitals in Melbourne Australia, and with our strong international collaborators.


Graduate Researchers

Georgina Whish-Wilson

Jess Crowe

Dominic Truong

Cassie McDonald

Shaza Abo

Jane Lockstone

Aruska D’Souza

Alisha da Silva