Our mission is to generate and implement high quality world leading research to enhance the health and wellbeing of our community

Department of Physiotherapy - Research

Research led by the department of physiotherapy has a strong focus on implementation and health services research across the lifespan, including the use of digital health to develop innovative models of care delivery and improve access to health care. Our research teams include internationally renowned researchers with outstanding competitive research grant success and top tier journal publications across the Melbourne School of Health Sciences research hubs.

Our researchers in the Healthy Start to Life hub partner closely with leading health services, institutes and health professionals to foster development, wellbeing and participation for children with, or at risk of, developmental challenges and their families. Researchers in the Disability and Inclusion hub work collaboratively with clinical partners and use health services research to improve the wellbeing of a individuals with a range of musculoskeletal, neurological and cardiorespiratory disorders across the lifespan . Our researchers in Optimising Health and Wellbeing hub focus on supporting those with chronic conditions, critical illness, cancer, pelvic floor disorders and following major surgery through knowledge translation, implementation science and health service research, including increasing access to care through telerehabilitation and digital health.

Graduate Research

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