Hip External Rotation Exercises

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Exercise HER1: Prone theraband resisted external rotation

Starting position

Lie on your front with a theraband tied around the ankle of your arthritis leg. Attach the band to a secure object like a table leg or bed.


Bend the knee on your study leg to 90 degrees and allow the lower leg to fall out with the pull of the theraband.

Keep your thighs in the same position while you rotate the lower leg inwards, pulling against the band.

Control the leg as you rotate it back to the starting position.

Advanced option

Change to a harder theraband.

Exercise HER2: Hip aeroplanes

Starting position

Start standing in front of a bench, couch or bed.


Standing only on the study leg, lift the other leg up behind you as you tip forward. Try and make your lifted leg and torso in a straight line horizontal to the ground. Only use your hands on the bench/couch/bed as you need to for support.

Rotate your pelvis and upper body slowly away from the study leg by pushing through your study leg, and then slowly lower the pelvis to the starting position.

Advanced options

Progressions include not using the arms for support, or adding a weight.