Hip Adductor Exercises

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Exercise HAD1: Crook lying leg squeeze

Starting position

Lay on a firm surface with your knees bent.

Keep you tour tail tucked under so your back is comfortably flat against the bed/floor.

Keep your heels on the floor/bed. Place a magic circle, ball, cushion or other appropriate equipment between the knees.


You are aiming to start to work the muscles on the inside of your thighs.

Gently squeeze your knees together and build up to a moderate pressure.

Hold for 5 seconds.

Exercise HAD2. Standing resistance band adduction

Starting position

Tie the resistance band to a stable support and loop it around your ankle as shown.

Step away from the support to create some tension in the resistance band.

The non-arthritis leg will stay still during the exercise.

Stand up straight. Keep your body facing forwards (at right angles to the band) throughout the exercise.

Stay safe: use a chair or table for balance as required.


Standing tall and keeping your belly drawn in, slowly move your arthritis leg to your midline pulling against the Theraband.

Keep all your body weight supported on your non-arthritis leg.

Slowly return your study leg to the starting position.

Exercise HAD3: Side lying hip adduction

Starting position

Lie on your side on your arthritis hip with a small rolled up towel between your rib cage and waist.

Place your non-arthritis foot in front of your knee so it is out of the way of/ not on top of your arthritis leg. (If too difficult, just lie with legs one on top of the other).

Your arthritis leg will be straight, toes pulled up towards you, knee facing forwards.


Keeping your body very still, think about sucking your thigh/leg up into the hip joint socket and slowly lift the arthritis leg up off the bed. Keep your knee straight.

This is a very small movement and there is no need to overdo it - you are aiming to simply get your foot off the ground.

You should feel the work in your inner thigh of the arthritis leg.

Slow controlled lift up, slow controlled lower down.

Exercise HAD4: Crook lying theraband resisted adduction

Starting position

Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor/firm bed.

Put a theraband around your arthritis leg just above the knee and attach it to a secure object like a table leg or bed.

Start with your study leg falling slightly out towards the band.


Squeezing the inside of the thigh on your arthritis leg, bring the arthritis leg into the midline against the resistance of the theraband.

Hold for 3 seconds and then slowly return to starting position.

Advanced options

Change to a harder theraband.

Or add a bridge while holding your leg in the midline: squeeze your buttock muscles, tuck your tailbone under and lift your hips and buttocks from the floor. Then lower your buttocks down and return to the starting position.