EduWeight: Osteoarthritis



The Centre for Health, Exercise & Sports Medicine (CHESM) at the University of Melbourne has released a new online education program 'EduWeight: Osteoarthritis' (E-learning for physiotherapists in weight management for osteoarthritis). The program is available free-of-charge at this time to all users (e.g. physiotherapists, physiotherapy students, other health professionals, educators, researchers).

Learn about weight management  and how to optimally discuss weight with adult patients  that live with osteoarthritis and overweight or obesity.

The online modules you will access cover:

  1. Overweight, obesity and osteoarthritis
  2. Overview of weight regulation, overweight and obesity
  3. Examining weight stigma in physiotherapy and personal beliefs about weight
  4. Communication approach for addressing weight management
  5. Interventions for weight management
  6. Health behaviour change support


Eduweight Osteoarthritis e-learning for physiotherapists in weight management for osteoarthrItis

Once you have registered, it will take approximately 24-48 hours to create your login.

The email will be sent from the University of Melbourne Canvas External User Tool ( with subject line: Account creation

Remember to check your junk/spam folders if you do not see it in your inbox.

Please check your email for an account creation email containing your username and activation key. There will be a personalised URL in the same email you will need to enter the username and activation key that will prompt a password creation. Then you may proceed to the link below.

Bookmark this page: (this will be the webpage to login to the training once you have an activated account)