Optometry and Vision Sciences Graduate Research

The Department of Optometry and Vision Sciences offers a wide range of expertise including assessment, diagnosis and treatment of disease that affect the eye and vision, furthering knowledge of the eye in health and disease, and improving clinical practice. The vision sciences are a broad area from understanding how vision works through to clinical practice.

The Department of Optometry and Vision Sciences’ Graduate Research and PhD programs strive to advance eye care and vision, within Australia and internationally, through excellence in research that spans from laboratory to clinical research. The Department offers graduate students a multifaceted research experience from exploring the fundamental sciences to translational research. Graduate researchers are encouraged and supported to produce academic publications and to build national and international connections to broaden the impact of their research.

Honours in Optometry and Vision Sciences: Applications and project preference entry for the Bachelor of Biomedicine with Honours & Bachelor of Science with Honours are closing soon.
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Our Students

The Department of Optometry and Vision Sciences is seeking high achieving students who demonstrate passion, dedication and drive to further knowledge and innovation in the vision sciences, and in applications to disorders involving the eye. With tailored options of Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) pathways, graduate students will be supported by our academics throughout their research journey, working towards the overall goal of improving clinical and patient outcomes.

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Our Programs

The Department of Optometry and Vision Sciences is committed to training and supporting our next generation of vision researchers, no matter what your major there are vision research pathways for you. We offer a full suite of graduate research programs including Honours, Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programs.  For students who have completed an undergraduate degree, a research pathway though an Honours or Master of Biomedical Science is an appropriate research path. For students with a BSc (Hons) or BBiomed (Hons) further scientific training through a three to four year PhD or a two year Master of Philosophy would be appropriate.

Further information for students interested in completing honours can be found below:

Bachelor of Biomedicine with Honours | Bachelor of Science with Honours

Further information on our graduate research programs, including honours, MPhil and PhD opportunities, is available by downloading our graduate research information brochure.

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Career Opportunities

New career opportunities include fundamental and applied vision research, academia, policy development and clinical trial research. Graduate research and PhDs are also gateways along pathways to leadership positions. We are highly supportive of students who want to balance their academic studies with clinical practice, and to those who wish to enrol in part-time study.

Applying for Graduate Research

Students are required to engage with a potential principal supervisor before they submit their application. The Department of Optometry and Vision Sciences will work with students to match their research interests with the Department’s key specialisations and to assist them in identifying the most appropriate supervision team. Scholarships are awarded to student applicants with the highest Weighted Average Marks (WAM).

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