As Allison has mentioned in her introduction, the clinic is on the move along with the rest of the Department. It is very exciting that we will be alongside our research and teaching colleagues again. The opportunities for fellowship, shared research and shared resources are real positives for the clinic staff, students, and our patients.

The clinic staff have been working very hard on the detail of the new fit out. The area is very similar to UMeyecare but I feel that flow through the space and the layout of the consulting rooms will enhance capacity and efficiency. The new clinic is very clearly designed around the principles of peer teaching.

The move also puts us firmly in the sphere of the health precinct that is formed by the Royal Melbourne, Women/s and Children’s hospitals and the VCCC. We hope physical proximity will aid future collaborations.

At the same time as the move, we are also changing name. UMeyecare and our logo are being phased out. In line with the University’s branding principles, we will have a new look and feel and we will be known as Melbourne Eyecare Clinic.

The new look and feel reinforces our link with the University and firmly acknowledges the place that our clinic holds within the Teaching and Health clinics of the University.

By the next newsletter we should be able to give you tangible views of the new clinic and an appreciation how it will fit into the clinical teaching program and research conducted by the Department.