Head's Report

2020 has certainly commenced memorably. With a difficult start to the year with the bushfires, followed up closely by COVID-19, we are collectively experiencing challenges. We recognise that this is also the case for our alumni and friends, and that this can create complexity around support for our student placements, teaching, research and other activities. We thank you immensely for your support throughout this period, and encourage you to communicate with us early and often if you have queries regarding involvement in any of these activities.

Alison headshot

Our OD4 and OD3 students commenced studies early in the year (January and February respectively) so are settled in and working hard. We have also welcomed onto campus our returning OD2s and new OD1 students, the future graduating class of 2023. As mentioned previously, 2023 is the 50th year anniversary of the formation of the University’s Department of Optometry & Vision Sciences, and we have begun planning for a significant celebratory year.

The welcome to our physical campus was brief, and has now been replaced with our virtual campus experience. We are all learning a lot about electronic meetings and I would like to commend both the staff and students for their enthusiastic approach to this unplanned development.

We would also like to congratulate once again our graduating class of 2019. Pictured below are those that were in attendance at the Graduation ceremony on Tuesday December 17th. We hope that you are enjoying the beginning of your professional careers. We look forward to watching your future successes, and hearing from you about your experiences beyond university.

Class graduation photo