Seeing Beyond Lecture Series

A big thank you to all those who attended our "Seeing Beyond Lecture Series” on the 20th of April. Our speakers were Professor Allison McKendrick and Associate Professor Bang Bui, who focussed on the latest research advances in glaucoma assessment and pathogenesis. Allison discussed new developments in macular assessment for glaucoma while Bang covered new insights into non-IOP risk factors in glaucoma.

We are planning to run these lectures twice a year. The intent of the lecture series is to provide clinically relevant continuing professional development for our alumni and friends.


The lectures are based on expertise derived from our research and clinical program in optometry and vision science. We hope to see you at our next event where we will be showcasing our clinical experts from UMeyecare: Weds 5th October, 6.30-8pm. Graham Lakkis, Tim Martin and Dr John Parkes will be presenting challenging cases from the University of Melbourne EyeCare clinic.

Please register for the event here.