RMH at Umeyecare

The Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH) Ophthalmology@UMEyeCare is a joint initiative of The RMH and the University of Melbourne. The clinic represents unique cooperation within the University, bringing a public outpatient clinic into one of the teaching and research clinics of the University. Patients who are on the RMH ophthalmology waiting list are given the option to have their initial eye examination at the University of Melbourne's Eye Clinic. Staff and students of the University of Melbourne's Optometry and Vision Sciences Department provide an initial consultation, the  ophthalmologist from The RMH then discusses the examination results and care plan with the patient.

All booking and correspondence must go through The RMH outpatient services.

RMH Outpatients for an appointment: 9342 7393. UMEyeCare can be contacted on 9305 6666.

RMH Ophthalmology @UMEyeCare is administered by the Head of Ophthalmology, RMH, Associate Professor Andrew Symons.