Consulting Services

Optical Testing

The Vision & Biophotonics Laboratory can provide clients with in-house custom optical testing and consultancy services, as well as general advice on all matters concerning vision, light and the eye.

Sunglass & Fashion Spectacles Testing

The Vision & Biophotonics Laboratory can offer specific expertise assessing optical quality, mechanical construction and spectral filtering properties of sunglasses and fashion spectacles for compliance to Australian Standards.  The current mandatory standard aims to ensure that sunglasses and fashion spectacles provide adequate protection from the outdoor environment, particularly from ultraviolet radiation, thereby reducing the risk of damage to eyesight.

For more information contact Dr Andrew Metha directly on 9349 7426 or ametha@

Eye Movement Analysis

The Eye Movement Laboratory has the following services available on referral.

Nystagmus Evaluation

For patients aged 5 years to adulthood high resolution eye movements can be recorded to identify nystagmus wave forms and to quantify changes before and after treatment.  In children from infancy to 5 years video-based recording of both horizontal and vertical eye movements is available.  This is a lower resolution and is more qualitative, but allows identification of the nature of the nystagmus.

Saccadic Eye Movement Evaluation

Both reflex and volitional types of saccades can be evaluated. Volitional saccades are sometimes abnormal in dyslexia and ADHD and may demonstrate improvement with treatment.

Further Information

For more information or to refer a patient, contact Dr Larry Abel directly on 8344 7007 or label@

University of Melbourne EyeCare

The Department of Optometry & Vision Sciences operates the University of Melbourne EyeCare practice which offers patient care primarily for University staff and students, but is also open to the general public and for specialist referral by other practitioners.

A wide range of other expertise is also available. Please contact the Department for further information.

Industry consultancy and research

The clinical facilities at UMeyecare provide a comfortable and extensively equipped environment for clinical industry research and consultancy work. Current areas of focus include projects related to contact lenses, anterior eye conditions, and testing and development of diagnostic ophthalmic equipment. In addition to human based research, we also have an extensive platform of technologies for assessing the visual system of small animals including electrophysiology and ocular imaging based at the Kenneth Myer Building (Melbourne Brain Centre).

Please see our research webpages for further details of our research interests and expertise.