Nursing labNursing lab

The newly built clinical skills laboratories, commissioned for use in early 2012, are located on level 2, 200 Berkeley Street, in close proximity to the Alan Gilbert Building.  This facility has been designed to simulate a modern acute hospital and is well equipped to accommodate topic requirements and the learning needs of the students.

The simulation laboratories comprise of a combined area of approximately 320sqm, allowing for generous teaching and learning spaces. In total, the simulation laboratories have 14 fully functioning beds spaces. Each laboratory can be divided in to smaller teaching and assessment spaces, to accommodate student assessments/exams each semester.

Each of the bed spaces and work areas are designed to simulate a clinical ward setting and it is anticipated that student learning in this setting will: reduce the risk of human error in practice; promote clinical skill development in a safe environment; enable practice of advanced nursing skills in a controlled environment; and promote clinical communication and interdisciplinary practice.

Nursing labNursing lab

Apart from general clinical equipment such as ECG machines, patient lifters, computerised patient models and intravenous pumps, other inclusions to support the simulated clinical setting include but are not restricted to:

*    Specialised clinical examination lighting
*    Bedside (simulated oxygen),  air, and suction
*    Generous clinical bed space
*    Computerised manikins to simulate patients
*    Patient call bell
*    X-ray boxes
*    Anatomical models
* Audio/visual systems to record student assessments and group work

The new Clinical Skill Laboratories are WiFi ready and also equipped with IT systems which provide students with direct access to web based resources including the LMS, library, drug reference manuals and the internet.