Meet Our Department of Nursing Team

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Profile picture of Marie Gerdtz

Prof Marie Gerdtz

Professor and Head of Department | Research areas include emergency and critical care nursing
Profile picture of Denise Harrison

Prof Denise Harrison

Professor | Research areas include infant and child health, implementation science, families as partners in care
Profile picture of Sanchia Aranda

Dr Sanchia Aranda

Professorial Fellow - Health Services
Profile picture of Nicholas Bridge

Mr Nicholas Bridge

Lecturer | Scholarship of learning and teaching
Profile picture of Naomi Brockenshire

Dr Naomi Brockenshire

Lecturer | Research areas include humour in healthcare; therapeutic clowning; student and nurse wellbeing; and understanding the hospital experience of patients and families
Profile picture of Prue Cambridge

Miss Prue Cambridge

Lecturer | Scholarship of learning and teaching
Profile picture of Dianne Crellin

Dr Dianne Crellin

Course Coordinator Master of Advanced Nursing Practice, Nurse Practitioner | Research areas include infant, child and adolescent health, emergency and critical care nursing and diagnostic and assessment tool evaluation
Profile picture of Sarah Cornish

Ms Sarah Cornish

Lecturer in Nursing | Emergency Nurse +61383440980
Profile picture of Cathy Daniel

Dr Cathy Daniel

Program Coordinator of Specialty Nursing Courses | Research areas include mental health nursing, management of acute behavioural disturbance, substance use, and reducing the use of restrictive interventions while providing safe care
Profile picture of Polly Dufton

Ms Polly Dufton

Lecturer, Course Coordinator Graduate Certificate in Cancer Nursing | Research areas include health services research, emergency department utilisation, cancer nursing
Profile picture of Rebecca Jarden

Dr Rebecca Jarden

Lecturer | Research areas include nurse wellbeing and critical care
Profile picture of Sophie Jones

Dr Sophie Jones

Lecturer | Research areas include infant, child and adolescent health, thrombosis and anticoagulation in children
Profile picture of Suzanne Kapp

Dr Suzanne Kapp

Senior Lecturer | Research areas include skin integrity, chronic wounds, patient engagement and self-treatment
Profile picture of Snezana Kusljic

Dr Snezana Kusljic

Senior Lecturer, Senior Academic Adviser | Research areas include pharmacology, medication safety and quality use of medicines, psychopharmacology
Profile picture of Marc Marquez

Mr Marc Marquez

Lecturer in Nursing | Emergency Nursing +61383443471
Profile picture of Philippa Marriott

Philippa Marriott

Clinical Placement Coordinator, Clinical Lab Manager
Profile picture of Jo Martin

Ms Jo Martin

Entry to Practice Degree Coordinator | MNSc Course Coordinator
Profile picture of Charne Miller

Dr Charne Miller

Senior Lecturer | Teaching Specialist +61383444456
Profile picture of Bronwyn Tarrant

Ms Bronwyn Tarrant

Lecturer | Scholarship of learning and teaching
Profile picture of John Thompson

Mr John Thompson

Nurse Practioner, Lecturer | Scholarship of learning and teaching
Profile picture of Celene Yap

Dr Celene Yap

Research Fellow | Research areas include behavioral disturbance management, drug and alcohol related emergency department presentation, evaluation new model of care in the acute care setting
Profile picture of Bridget Hamilton

A/Prof Bridget Hamilton

Director of the Centre for Mental Health Nursing