Lifting the profile of social interventions in mental health care

Associate Professor Bridget Hamilton, has recently co-authored a high impact factor Literature Review paper in World Psychiatry.

A/Prof Bridget Hamilton, Director of Centre Mental Health Nursing in The Melbourne School of Health Science, has co-authored a Literature Review paper in World Psychiatry, the highest impact journal in Mental Health (2022 impact factor 49.55). The topic discussed in this review is the vital contribution of social interventions and the social outcomes for people experiencing mental ill-health, looking at recent evidence to explore this. The team involved in the making of the lit review paper includes academics across the disciplines of consumer perspective, Mental Health Nursing, Social Work, Occupational Therapy, Psychology and Psychiatry, providing meaningful and in depth insight to mental ill-health.

This literature review links to current reforms of MH care in Victoria and to research within the NHMRC ALIVE Centre, and hence it was included in the ALIVE Mental Health Research Virtual Café presentation last week. The recording of the Virtual Café  presentation can be found here.

To access the full text paper, click here.

If you would prefer a summary of the paper, click here

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