Congratulating Our 2021 & 2022 Nursing Award Recipients

Congratulations to all of our Nursing Award recipients who have been recognised for their dedication and outstanding achievements in their studies.

The Department of Nursing offers a variety of courses tailored towards different skill and career levels, including specialist areas of interest. We are proud to award a number of Scholarships, Bursaries and Prizes to our diverse cohort of high-achieving students. These awards provide students with the opportunity to further their clinical, academic or research careers.

Our talented students were rewarded for their spectacular work during the 2022 Marian Barrett lecture, and we would again like to congratulate each and every award recipient.

As a celebration of these students’ achievements, we are proud to share the stories of some of our recipients.

Catherine Wotton Scholarship

"I am grateful to receive the Catherine Wotton Scholarship as it will enable me to complete my postgraduate studies without significant financial hardship, allowing more time for study and less need for extra shifts.

My passion and direction in nursing has always been Cancer Nursing focusing on medical oncology, haematology and clinical trials. I have been influenced by close family experience with various cancers and inspired by developments in cancer research. My interest in Ovarian cancer is due to several factors: it is diagnosed in over 1500 women per year in Australia and is the 8th most common cancer; there is no effective screening program for early detection; it has an enormous psychosocial impact on women, and it remains grossly underfunded in research.

On completion of my degree, I will use my enhanced skill set to strengthen the local expertise and range of cancer services provided by my regional workplace, especially in gynaeoncological cancers. Ultimately, this will enable more patients to be treated locally, or in their homes, improving overall patient-centered care at every stage along the cancer continuum."

Kaarin Goeldner nursing scholarship CW 2022

- Kaarin Goeldner, Graduate Certificate in Cancer Nursing

Dorothy Jean Ineke Scholarship in Nursing

"I would like to extend a heartfelt "thank you" to Julie Sheldrake, for giving me this opportunity to continue on my path toward becoming a Critical Care Registered Nurse.

I studied my degree in Canada and immigrated to Australia in 2017, my goal was always to integrate into the Critical Care discipline and eventually pursue educational opportunities to provide mentorship to students and experienced nurses alike to develop sound critical thinking skills and a passion for clinical deterioration, compassionate and holistic nursing, as well as collaborative team efforts to assist keeping our most vulnerable hospital population going.

I intend to complete my degree with the University of Melbourne and continue on clinical bedside nursing in the Critical Care environment to solidify my skills and develop the confidence and knowledge to eventually pursue an educational pathway toward my Masters degree and toward becoming a Clinical Nurse Educator. I am beyond grateful to have received this scholarship and intend to continue this legacy throughout my career."

— Shelby Chatlain, Graduate Certificate in Nursing Practice

Dorothy Jean Ineke Scholarship in Nursing

"I am writing to express my sincere gratitude as the recipient of the Dorothy Jean Ineke Scholarship in Nursing. Your generosity and devotion in helping others has helped me to be one step closer to my career goals.

By awarding me with the Dorothy Jean Ineke Scholarship in Nursing, I am able to focus on the most important aspect of school, learning. One of my career goals is to be able to provide holistic and family-centred care to families and babies who require special and complex needs.

As the recipient of this incredible award, I hope that I can give back to the community in the future by providing exceptional care to families who need extra help and support. I am planning to continue to consolidate my skills and learning in Neonatal Intensive Care once I complete my studies."

Sarah Chok nursing scholarship DJI

Sarah Chok, Graduate Certificate in Nursing Practice