Congratulating Our 2022 & 2023 Nursing Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to all of our Nursing Award recipients who have been recognised for their dedication and outstanding achievements in their studies.

The Department of Nursing offers a variety of courses tailored towards different skill and career levels, including specialist areas of interest. We are proud to award a number of Scholarships, Bursaries and Prizes to our diverse cohort of high-achieving students. These awards provide students with the opportunity to further their clinical, academic or research careers.

Our talented students were rewarded for their spectacular work during the 2023 Marian Barrett lecture, and we would again like to congratulate each and every award recipient.

As a celebration of these students’ achievements, we are proud to share the stories of some of our recipients.

"I would like to offer my heartfelt thanks to the family of Catherine Wotton for their very generous donation and for choosing me as the recipient of this scholarship. This scholarship will directly assist me in completing my studies and will make a huge impact on my career.

My focus for master's research subject is to improve my own knowledge and highlight the necessity for education and proper resources for women after cancer treatment as I have noticed through working directly with our patients that there is a gap in the data, and I wish to explore this further.

Your support means a lot to me and has given me the opportunity to improve patient care, and I am truly grateful for this scholarship and the chance to make a difference in the field of nursing."

- Aileen Wilkinson, Master of Advanced Nursing Practice

Aileen Wilkinson (centre) with Catherine Wotton Ovarian Cancer Scholarship donors and Prof Marie Gerdtz, Prof Bruce Thompson and Prof Liz Molloy

"I am absolutely honoured to be a recipient of the Dorothy Jean Ineke Scholarship and would like to express my utmost gratitude to everyone involved in making this award possible.

I am passionate about education, leadership and lifelong learning, of which I aspire to work in an educational role within the field of Intensive Care. Having completed a specialised Bachelor of Nursing (Clinical Leadership) degree, I have been fortunate to experience the likes of nursing leadership, management and academic education through various placements.

I continue to carry this passion with me and am excited to combine this with my deep interest for the holistic care and complexities surrounding Intensive Care nursing."

— Cassandra Thaller, Graduate Certificate in Critical Care Nursing

Cassandra Thaller (centre) with Prof Marie Gerdtz, Prof Bruce Thompson and Prof Liz Molloy

Dorothy Jean Ineke Scholarship in Nursing

"I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Julie Sheldrake for establishing the Dorothy Jean Ineke Scholarship in Nursing. I have worked as a nurse since 2017, and recently commenced a postgraduate certificate in critical care.

As a recipient of the scholarship, I am humbled to see my hard work recognised. The Dorothy Jean Ineke Scholarship has eased the financial burden associated with post graduate study. I see further education as a commitment to my career, and the award has motivated me to pursue further education beyond the course.  In the future I hope to complete a master's degree and gain more experience in the ICU specialty, working towards becoming a clinical nurse specialist."

— Enya Dundas, Graduate Certificate in Critical Care Nursing

Enya Dundas (centre) with Prof Marie Gerdtz, Prof Bruce Thompson and Prof Liz Molloy

Patricia Eileen Hyams Scholarship in Cancer and Palliative Care Nursing

"It is with great appreciation that I accept this scholarship. I began as an AIN when I had four young children, a suggestion from my childhood health nurse that I "would make a great nurse”. From there I have slowly educated myself over the next 10 years as an Endorsed Enrolled Nurse to a Registered Nurse.

I felt I needed to continue my education and when I moved into the Oncology area, I found my passion, hence the continued education in Oncology specific nursing. We are lucky enough to have a specialised oncology centre for regional patients to access radiation and chemotherapy/immunotherapy treatments.

I am very passionate about supporting patients during their treatment process and having it closer to their home is such a benefit for them and their families in so many aspects."

— Katrina Hogan, Graduate Certificate in Cancer Nursing

Photograph of Katrina Hogan

"Thank you again for awarding me with this very generous scholarship. This is going to make a huge difference for myself, my hospital and the regional community of Victoria.

Ever since beginning my career in cancer originally in metro Melbourne, I realised how far cancer care had come, but still had so far to go. This gap in healthcare became so much more obvious once I moved back to my hometown in rural Victoria years ago and returned to working in rural cancer care. The gap between cancer care was extremely noticeable due to resource availability, speciality cancer nurses & health literacy.

My aim is to further educate myself through this course and further continue studies after, with the aim of becoming a Haematology Nurse Practioner, which does not currently exist in the rural community and to service those patients who miss out on vital care because they live too far away."

Jake Jewell, Graduate Certificate in Cancer Nursing

Jake Jewell (centre) with guest and Prof Marie Gerdtz, Prof Bruce Thompson and Prof Liz Molloy