Congratulating Our 2022 & 2023 Nursing Prizes & Endowment Recipients

Congratulations to all of our Nursing Award recipients who have been recognised for their dedication and outstanding achievements in their studies.

The Department of Nursing offers a variety of courses tailored towards different skill and career levels, including specialist areas of interest. We are proud to award a number of Scholarships, Bursaries and Prizes to our diverse cohort of high-achieving students. These awards provide students with the opportunity to further their clinical, academic or research careers.

Our talented students were rewarded for their spectacular work during the 2023 Marian Barrett lecture, and we would again like to congratulate each and every award recipient.

As a celebration of these students’ achievements, we are proud to share the stories of some of our recipients.

Australian College of Children & Young People's Nurses Prize

I am very appreciative of receiving this award after completing my graduate certificate in nursing practice (paediatrics). The opportunity to care for children and young people has always been what led me to start my career in nursing. With this award and recognition, my passion for paediatrics in nursing has been strengthened and it will allow me to gain access to valuable education and resources. This will allow me to engage in ongoing professional development and allow me to be a strong advocate for children and young people. Thank you.

- Emily O'Donnell, Graduate Certificate in Nursing Practice (paediatrics)

Photograph of Emily O'Donnell

Head of Department Graduate Prize

"The Master of Nursing Science provided a fantastic foundation to make a career change from management consulting to nursing. Through student placements across four metropolitan hospitals and two rural placements, I discovered my interest in mental health nursing.

I am now completing a mental health graduate program in a Sydney hospital. I feel extremely grateful to Bronwyn Tarrant and all my other lecturers, for their support and desire to impart knowledge to the next generation of nurses. I am honoured to receive this award and look forward to using this book prize to further my nursing knowledge."

- Deborah Chew, Master of Nursing Science

Photograph of Deborah Chew

Mary Pattern Prize

"I am very happy and appreciative to learn that I was selected as the recipient of the Mary Pattern Prize. I hope to give back to others and the community by providing exceptional nursing care."

— Sarah Chok, Graduate Certificate in Neonatal Intensive Care

Sarah Chok (centre) with guests and Prof Marie Gerdtz, Prof Bruce Thompson and Prof Liz Molloy

"Thank you very much and it is an honour to receive such a prestigious award. The education and opportunities at the University of Melbourne I received have been most rewarding and compounding to say the least. It has allowed me to pursue several interests and given me the motivation to boost my nursing career into a rewarding and impactful profession.

My 5-year goal is to become an associate nurse unit manager at RMH ED with aims to also work as a bed manager/after-hours hospital manager. I would definitely still dabble in research and education as an opportunity to assist aspiring future leaders in the field. I am extremely grateful for the recognition of my studies and work as an emergency registered nurse.

— Melvin Khor, Graduate Certificate in Nursing Practice (Emergency)

Photograph of Melvin Khor

The Royal Melbourne Graduates Nurses Association Nursing Research Endowment

"Thank you, I am delighted to have been awarded the Royal Melbourne Graduates Nurses Association Nursing Research Prize for a research subject I completed in 2022 for my Master of Advanced Nursing Practice.

I have a keen interest in doing research alongside my clinical work as I wish to contribute to the growing body of evidence exploring how mental health professionals can better implement these models of care in practice. I am also involved in an interagency research project that seeks to evaluate the impact of a community gardening project on service users’ mental health and wellbeing.

Given the prevalence of trauma amongst people experiencing mental ill-health, I am particularly interested in exploring different ways of working that promote the guiding principles of safety, choice, collaboration, trust, and empowerment in mental health care."

Skye Blackwood, Master of Advanced Nursing Practice

Skye Blackwood (centre) with donors Julie Halton and Lara Taylor and Prof Marie Gerdtz, Prof Bruce Thompson an  Prof Liz Molloy