Our Safewards program of research

We hope to find new ways for the mental health system to think about violence, aggression and danger which promote equity and safety for both consumers and nurses.

Starting with a program evaluation project across 18 wards in Victoria in 2015, the CentreMHN has led evaluative and conceptual work related to the implementation of Safewards, in Victoria and Australia.2022 Our work with Safewards is embedded in key mental health education resources:

Restraint and seclusion

We generated important evidence out of this project:

Did Safewards Victoria reduce seclusion?

What mode of training was effective for establishing Safewards?

What were the key elements for effective Safewards implementation across 18 wards?

For the full report read here:


Evaluation also found that the model and the approach to its implementation had a high level of acceptance by both staff and consumers.

What do Victorian MH staff think is of Safewards?

What do consumers think of Safewards?

What further development of Safewards do consumers want?

You can also view the initial evaluation report for government here.

Drawing on the expertise of the Centre’s team, we have assisted teams implementing and researching Safewards in ACT , NSW  and currently in Adelaide.

The CentreMHN also supported a pilot of Safewards, adapted to Emergency Departments:


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