International Safewards Day 2019

Wednesday 10 July was the inaugural International Safewards Day! 
Safewards is an internationally recognised mental health model that aims to make mental health facilities safer for everyone. The model highlights for staff how they reduce conflicts and the need for restrictive interventions by recognising triggers which can put patients and staff at risk.

The CPN team acknowledged the day by sharing videos of our Director Bridget Hamilton and one our Consumer Academics, Hamilton Kennedy about the importance of Safewards.

CPN Director Bridget discussing two things she likes about Safwards

CPN Consumer Academic Hamilton discussing eliminating seclusion, restraint and violence in psychiatric hospitals.


'Consumer perspectives of Safewards impact in acute inpatient mental health wards in Victoria, Australia’. This paper discusses some of the positive impacts consumers have felt in inpatient units using the Safewards model.

'Consumer recommendations for enhancing the Safewards model and interventions'. This paper discusses what Safewards is and how to improve it.

Minister for Mental Health Martin Foley MP shared his thoughts on Safewards and why safe wards are so important.