Simon Katterl

Consumer Workforce Member

Shared visions, personal responsibilities: how we co-create a more humane system

Simon Katterl headshot

Simon is  a consumer workforce member who has worked in community development, advocacy, regulation, and law reform. Simon’s work is grounded in his personal experience of mental health issues and studies in law, politics, psychology, and regulation. Simon has published on the shortcomings of Victoria’s current regulatory oversight system, the failure to implement human rights into mental health system governance and service delivery, and the opportunities arising from the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System. He has also undertaken projects to co-produce self-advocacy resources and support 34 consumers to give evidence to the Royal Commission. In addition to casual academic roles with RMIT and the Centre for Mental Health Nursing (University of Melbourne), Simon provides consultancy to legal, mental health and regulatory bodies. Simon’s owner is his cat, Hal.