CentreMHN Clinical Supervision for MHNs Master Class

Practical ways for mental health workers to align everyday practice with the human rights principles that underpin supported decision-making

We are excited to announce that work on the CentreMHN clinical Supervision for MHNs Master Class is well underway with a go-live date of mid-April 2023.

What are the aims?

Our experiential, relational and translational clinical supervision masterclass has three main aims:

  1. Deliver relational clinical supervision training that supports the wellbeing, flourishing, and professional practice of mental health nurses
  2. Ready participants to facilitate clinical supervision that enables relational and therapeutic mental health nursing practice that fosters the health, healing and wellbeing of consumers, families, and communities
  3. Support the implementation of Victoria’s Clinical Supervision for Mental Health Nurses Framework across Victoria’s public mental health and wellbeing services.

    Who is the target audience?

    The CentreMHN Clinical Supervision Master Class is for mental health nurses who currently offer or would like to offer clinical supervision in their practice as Clinical Nurse Educators, Psychiatric Nurse Consultants, Clinical Nurse Consultants, Nurse Practitioners, or other advanced practice, education, or leadership roles. For this reason, we are tailoring the Master Class to meet the clinical supervision development needs of two primary cohorts over two years:

    Cohort 1 (2023): Clinical Nurse Educators, Psychiatric Nurse Consultants and other mental health nurses in education and professional roles in public sector Mental Health and Wellbeing (MH&WB) Services in Victoria.

    Cohort 2: (2024): MHNs in Clinical Nurse Consultant, Nurse Practitioner, and other advanced practice clinical and non-clinical leadership roles in public sector MH&WB Services in Victoria.

What about mode of delivery & pedagogical approaches?

We will conduct the Master Class via ten online learning blocks over ten weeks. Each learning block will consist of 60 minutes of self-directed active learning and a 90-minute facilitated group learning and practice session.

We know that narrative, relationship, and reflection are at the heart of mental health nursing and clinical supervision. For this reason, narrative, relational, and reflective pedagogical approaches underpin the course design, delivery, and meaningful translation of learning into clinical supervision practice.

For more information about the CentreMHN CS for MHN Master Class, please contact cmhn-info@unimelb.edu.au