Attending the Collab Conference

Venue Information

Date: Thursday 15 & Friday 16 August 2019.

Venue: The Valley in Melbourne's Moonee Ponds.
Gate 1 McPherson St, 
Moonee Ponds VIC 3039
1300 843 825

Attending a conference

Some of the great things about attending conferences are:

  • Variety and diversity of the speakers and topics
  • Conference mercandise and information on other organisations
  • Networking opportunities
  • Social media connections
  • Accompanying social events
  • Industry booths/exhibitors

Some handy hints when attending a conference

Most conferences have an abundance of sessions to choose from, more than you will be able to attend. So when  planning your schedule, look at all the sessions and events that you are interested in and endeavour to experience a range of topics. Go to a session on a topic that interests you, but you don’t know much about, expand your horizons. If you have difficulty choosing and you have come to the conference with a colleague, split up and agree to compare notes/share handouts at the end of the day.

Silence your mobile phone - Conference attendees have paid good money to hear the speaker and it is a distraction to all in the room. If you do have to take a call, leave the room. Even texting during the sessions can be a distraction.

During the session, take notes and write down some interesting points that may assist you in developing a question at the end of the session or, if the opportunity arises, later on if you see the speaker again at the conference. However, do not corner or monopolise the speaker after they have finished.

Maintain a positive demeanour, be friendly, help out others and receive only positive attention, remember you are representing your organisation.

Show up to the session on time and stay for the duration.You will have adequate time to get from one session to the next.

Orient yourself, familiarise yourself with the conference space so you don’t get lost.

Ask questions that are relevant to the topic.

Turn up to the conference on time and register early, you do not want to be stuck at the registration desk when presentations have commenced.

Never interrupt the speaker or someone else who is asking a question.

Wear your name lanyard, lets people know who you are and where you are from.

Stay alert during the conference. To prevent falling asleep, eat lightly throughout the conference and drink more water than usual. Wear loose and comfortable clothes and shoes and stretch your legs when you can.

Complete session or conference evaluations, it benefits the speaker or the conference organisers and can help make the next conference even better.

Talk to the people around you, networking is a great thing. Talk to strangers, ask questions, be approachable and personable.

Share the information. What you have gained by attending the conference is likely to be useful for your colleagues and team, so make sure to set aside time to proactively pass on what you learned. This could be through an in-service, an email or just in a conversation.

After the conference, make sure you follow up (if necessary) with those speakers and other attendees who you have met.

Make the most of your conference time, enjoy!

The Victorian Collaborative Mental Health Nursing Conference is jointly hosted by collaborative partners

The Centre for Psychiatric Nursing
The Centre for Psychiatric Nursing
Australian Nursing & Midwifery Foundation
Australian Nursing & Midwifery Foundation
Health and Community Services Union
Health and Community Services Union
The Australian College of Mental Health Nurses (Vic Branch)
The Australian College of Mental Health Nurses (Vic Branch)