Speech Pathology at Melbourne: 2024 Seminar Series

Our Seminar Series

Join us for the Speech Pathology Seminar Series at University of Melbourne, where experts and practitioners explore cutting-edge approaches, research, and practical insights in the field. Designed for speech pathologists, educators, and healthcare professionals, each seminar offers valuable perspectives and strategies to enhance clinical practice and support individuals with communication disorders.

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We welcome all clinical partners to join us and exchange ideas in these seminars.

Monday 22 July 2024

The Lidcombe Program: Optimising treatment outcomes for children who stutter

Speaker: Dr Georgie Johnson

This seminar welcomes speech pathologists working with children who stutter. The Lidcombe Program has robust evidence for treating stuttering in early childhood and is widely used by Australian speech pathologists. The results of a recent Phase II trial with a cohort of 6–12 year old children showed that this treatment may benefit a much broader age range of children than initially thought. A key part of this Phase II trial included fortnightly clinical mentoring meetings between the treating clinician and a member of the Lidcombe Program Trainers Consortium. From these discussions, practical recommendations and clinical resources were developed specifically to help community clinicians in private practice and school-based settings to adapt aspects of the Lidcombe Program Treatment Guide (Onslow et al., 2023) for 6–12 year old children to enhance clinical outcomes. The purpose of this presentation is therefore to showcase treatment videos and practical resources that community clinicians can readily use in their practice when treating childhood stuttering. This will assist clinicians to use the Lidcombe Program flexibly to cater to the varied needs of a wider range of children.


Friday 30 August 2024

The Role of Speech Pathology in Gender-Affirming Voice Care

Speaker: Dr Yeptain Leung

This seminar is targeted at speech pathologists and anyone interested in learning about the role of speech pathology in gender-affirming voice care. It will provide you with a general overview of the role of speech pathology in gender affirming voice care, some practical skills in (de)feminising and (de)masculinising voice and discuss further professional development opportunities.


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