Celebrating 10 years of Speech Pathology at the University of Melbourne

2022 marks 10 years of Speech Pathology at the University of Melbourne.

On December 8, staff and students past and present, as well as our esteemed partners and alumni joined us as we looked back on a decade of excellence in Speech Pathology, remembering standout moments and world-class achievements.

We are extremely pleased to see students and colleagues with a shared vision of training the next generation of outstanding clinicians and clinical researchers.

10 years of Speech pathology event

Top left: Prof Bruce Thompson, Sarah McCormick, Megan Bernard, Gabrielle Moore, Imogen Reay, Phoebe Blakey, Alice Giffard, Dr Elaina Kefalianos, Prof Adam Vogel, Hanae Penberthy
Bottom left: Prof Richard Dowell, A/Prof Shani Dettman, Prof Angela Morgan, Ms Kathryn McKinley, Prof Angela Morgan, A/Prof Bronwyn Davidson, Prof Sheena Reilly, Prof Patricia Eadie

Congratulations to all award recipients and thank you to all presenters and donors.

10 years of Speech pathology award recipients

Please find a list of awards and the corresponding award recipients below.


Award Recipient 


Pooja Patel

Deans’ Honours

Pooja Patel

Lital Weizman

Simon Pearce Bursary

Alaa Bahkamees

SAY Australia Award

Dahlia Elmolla

Redenlab Speech Neuroscience Award

Gabrielle Moore

Tavistock Trust for Aphasia Student Award

Jade Simpson-Page

Ladybug House

Esther De Bell

Speech Pathology Australia

Phoebe Blakey

Cleft PALS

Imogen Reay

Professionalism in Clinical Practice

Zoe Billing

Novice Paediatric Clinical Education Team

Speech Pathology for Schools

Mala Ferdinando, Stephanie Duca & Kharlea Teo

Intermediate Paediatric Clinical Educator

Mikali Kluver

Entry level Adult Clinical Educator

Hanae Penberthy

Novice Mixed Clinical Educator

Carren De Maio

Intermediate Adult Clinical Educator

Sarah Poke

Entry Level Paediatric Clinical Educator

Els Tielemans

Clinical Excellence in Speech Pathology

Sumail Singh