Optometry and Vision Sciences

Profile picture of Laura Downie

A/Prof Laura Downie

Associate Professor and Dame Kate Campbell Fellow | Research areas include ocular diagnostics and therapeutics, tear biomarkers, clinical trials and research translation.
Profile picture of Marianne Coleman

Dr Marianne Coleman

Orthoptist, Clinical Vision Research Fellow | Research areas include Digital Health, Childrens Vision, Public Eye Health, Eyecare across the Lifespan, Binocular Vision.
Profile picture of Ceecee Britten-Jones

Dr Ceecee Britten-Jones

Postdoctoral Research Fellow and Optometrist | Research interests include inherited retinal diseases, ocular imaging, gene therapy trials, and evidence synthesis.
Profile picture of Sumeer Singh

Dr Sumeer Singh

Postdoctoral Clinical Research Fellow | Research areas include dry eye disease, blue light and ocular health, evidence synthesis and translational research.
Profile picture of Bang Bui

A/Prof Bang Bui

Assoc. Professor | Research areas include preclinical investigation of vision and the retinal vasculature in healthy ageing; mechanisms of age-related susceptibility to neurodegeneration.
Profile picture of Bao Nguyen

Dr Bao Nguyen

Lecturer, optometrist and human visual neuroscientist | Research areas include understanding eye and brain changes with healthy and pathological ageing, childhood and adolescent development, vision anomalies in ophthalmic and neurological disorders.
Profile picture of Senuri Karunaratne

Senuri Karunaratne

Clinical Research Optometrist | Research areas include management of dry eye disease, childhood myopia and developement of myopia control devices.
Profile picture of Anna Lee

Anna Lee

Senior Clinical Research Optometrist | Research areas include anterior ocular disease, therapeutic clinical trials and research translation.
Profile picture of Ekaterina Levichkina

Dr Ekaterina Levichkina

Research Fellow | Research areas include Neural mechanisms of visual attention and predictive coding; visual perception; sleep research.