Telephone-delivered support and advice for people with knee osteoarthritis (TELECARE)

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Knee osteoarthritis is a major problem in Australia, and helping people to self-manage the condition is an important aim of treatment. Unfortunately, not all Australians with knee osteoarthritis have easy access to health professionals who can advise them how to self-manage their knee osteoarthritis. One way to potentially improve access to healthcare is to provide self-management advice by qualified health professionals, who are specially trained in the management of arthritis, over the telephone. Telecare is a randomised trial that will compare two different forms of telephone-delivered support and advice for people with painful knee osteoarthritis to find out which one works best for managing arthritis symptoms, and why. Both groups in this study will receive support and advice for the self-management of their knee osteoarthritis over the telephone for a period of six months. Advice will be delivered by qualified health professionals trained in best-practice management of arthritis.

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Queen's University

  • A/Prof Simon French

Monash University

  • Prof Andrew Forbes
  • Prof Anthony Harris

Curtin University

  • A/Prof Andrew Briggs

Medibank Private

  • Dr Stephen Bunker

HealthChange Australia

  • Ms Janette Gale
  • Ms Caroline Bills


  • Medibank Health Research Fund
  • National Health and Medical Research Council

With support from:

  • Arthritis Victoria
  • Osteoporosis Victoria
  • The Australian Physiotherapy Association
  • HealthChange Australia.

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Musculoskeletal and Sports Rehabilitation

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