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Lateral hip pain (pain at the side of the hip) is very common in the community and often goes undiagnosed. The pain  at the side of the hip can be very debilitating and often affects sleep,  walking, going up stairs and getting up after sitting. The management of  lateral hip pain is often difficult and the pain can persist for months or even  years. Previously this was diagnosed as bursitis, but recent research has shown the problem is usually due to degeneration (tendinopathy), and sometimes a tear  in the tendons of the muscles at the side of the hip. The bursitis (a  collection of fluid) appears to be secondary to the t endon injury.

It is common that a corticosteroid injection,  an exercise-based physiotherapy program or a wait and see approach is  prescribed for this condition, but there is no good research regarding which is  better. It is not uncommon for patients to be given some information about  their condition and asked to adopt a wait and see approach for a period of several months to allow the condition to resolve spontaneously.

The purpose of this study is to compare the  effects of three possible approaches to treating long standing lateral hip  pain: (a) a single cortisone injection, (b) an eight-week physiotherapy  exercise program and (c) adopting a wait and see approach. The results will  help us to determine the best treatment to manage this condition



University of Queensland

  • Prof Bill Vicenzino
  • Prof Paul Hodges
  • Dr Alison Grimaldi
  • Dr Rebecca Mellor

La Trobe University

  • Dr Henry Wajswelner

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Musculoskeletal and Sports Rehabilitation

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Infection and Immunology

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