Better Knee Better Me

  • Project Co-ordinator
    Dr Belinda Lawford

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Although education, exercise, and weight loss are recommended for management of knee osteoarthritis, the additional benefits of incorporating weight loss strategies into exercise therapy interventions is currently unclear. The aim of this study is to compare the clinical- and cost-effectiveness of a remotely-delivered intervention targeting exercise and self-management (Exercise intervention), with the same intervention plus active weight management (Exercise and weight management intervention), and with an information-only control group for overweight and obese people with knee OA. Findings will inform development and implementation of future remotely-delivered management services.


Prof Kim Bennell

Prof Rana Hinman

Dr Belinda Lawford

Dr Thorlene Egerton

Prof Joseph Proietto

Dr Priya Sumithran

Prof Peter Choong

A/Prof Michelle Dowsey



Dr Catherine Keating

Monash University

Dr Jessica Kasza

Prof Anthony Harris

Curtin University

Prof Andrew Briggs

St Vincents Hospital

Ms Carolyn Page

Duke University

Prof Francis Keefe

University of North Carolina

Prof Christine Rini

Keele University

Dr Jonathan Quicke



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