Genetics of speech and language


Project Details

  • Speech phenotype in 16p11.2 syndrome
  • Genetic bases of severe speech sound disorders
  • Phenotyping non-syndromic cleft lip and palate


  • Dr Cristina Mei PhD, Post-doctoral research fellow
  • Dr Elizabeth Murray PhD, Post-doctoral research fellow
  • Jessica Boyce, PhD Candidate
  • Samantha Turner, PhD Candidate
  • Jennifer Snowball, Honours Candidate


  • Prof Ingrid Scheffer MBBS FRACS (University of Melbourne)
  • Dr Michael Hildebrand (University of Melbourne)
  • A/Prof Melanie Bahlo (Walter and Eliza Hall Institutes)
  • Prof Alan Connelly (Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health)
  • Prof Simon Fisher (Max Planck Institute of Psycholinguistics)
  • Prof Sheena Reilly (Griffith Menzies Allied Health Research Institute)
  • Prof Nicky Kilpatrick (Murdoch Childrens Research Institute)
  • Prof Nancy Kanwisher (MIT)
  • Dr Ev Fedorenko (Harvard University, MIT)


  • ARC
  • NHMRC OzCleft
  • NHMRC CRE in Child Language
  • March of Dimes
  • SFARI VIP Foundation

Research Group

Neuroscience of Speech

Faculty Research Themes

Child Health

School Research Themes

Child Health, Neuroscience & Mental Health

Key Contact

For further information about this research, please contact the research group leader.

Department / Centre

Audiology and Speech Pathology

Unit / Centre

Neuroscience of Speech

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