The Master of Narrative Therapy and Community Work’s virtual graduation

Ia screenshot of the graduation on zoom, you can see all students some of which are with their families in the framen the world of online learning and virtual campuses, we have to think outside of the box on how to conduct a meaningful graduation. The Master of Narrative Therapy and Community Work did just that, conducting an online graduation which was a joyous, profound and moving ritual involving 54 active screens, many families and friends and people from 5 continents!

Thanks to David Denborough for sharing the order of proceedings for what he has called a “Virtual Graduation Adventure.”

1. Welcome / acknowledgements of country – by Aboriginal faculty member Tileah Drahm-Butler

2. Opening remarks by Course Coordinator David Denborough that traced the history of the rituals of graduation ceremonies and how these have changed over time and across cultures.

3. Speech from Head of Social Work Professor Lou Harms on behalf of University of Melbourne

4. Awarding of testamurs!

Manja Visschedijk, Ethic of Care Liaison for the Masters, read out each person’s name. Prior to the ceremony we asked participants to submit their most significant achievement ‘beyond academic transcripts’ during the year.

Manja read out these achievements at the same time as the person’s name to rapturous applause.

5. First speech from graduate: Cat Smith spoke on behalf of First Nations graduates

6. Second speech from graduate: Maya Sen spoke from India

7. Dancing and singing led by graduating student Beata Mukarusanga and her children in Kigali, Rwanda!

8. Closing from Tileah Drahm-Butler

9. Teaching staff then departed the Zoom and left graduates/family/friends to mingle on line as long as they liked.

Congratulations to all who were a part of a ceremony to remember.