Watch Recording: "The Migration Experience of the South Sudanese Community - Sport and Employment as Pathways to Belonging" with Dr William Abur

On June 7, the Department of Social Work was delighted to hold our first webinar for 2022 Social Work Event Series, delivered by Dr William Abur.

Drawing from his rich experience as a settlement social worker, Dr William Abur discussed his doctoral and practical work central to unemployment and disengagement challenges and opportunities amongst young refugees and immigrants. With close reference to innovative practice pedagogies, he shared many opportunities that young people can be supported through sports and employment, as well as how to best support the needs of future generations.

Thank you to all those who attended and contributed to the success of the evening.

You can watch a video recording of the seminar below:

Presented by Dr William Abur

Dr William Abur joined the Department of Social Work at The University of Melbourne in November 2021. He is a lecturer in Social Work, researcher and accredited mental health social worker. He has taught Social Work courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. His research interests are in refugee settlement, mental health, trauma, resilience, youth and family wellbeing, social work education and practice, participation in employment and sport, racism and discrimination. William has published books, book chapter and peer reviewed papers in refugee settlement, mental health, employment and sport participation. William has intensive experience and skills in group work, casework, case management, community development, social work education, social research, counselling and cultural training. He has worked in secondary schools, community mental health and settlement services. Prior to this, he worked in refugee camps as a counsellor and a manager for the counselling centre in Kenya for seven years. Learn more about William's research on Google Scholar.

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