Recent Physiotherapy ARC success

Congratulations to A/Prof Adam Bryant, Prof Rana Hinman, Prof Kim Bennell, Dr Kate Patterson and Dr Jessica Kasza on receiving a highly competitive ARC Grant in partnership with ASICS for over $200,000.

A summary of the project is below:

Athletic footwear for reducing knee loads in girls and women. This project aims to develop a novel athletic shoe that can reduce harmful knee loads during sport in adolescent girls and young women. As girls reach puberty, they become less able to control the movement patterns of their knees and lower limbs - particularly in high-demand tasks like jumping. The project will develop a new ASICS shoe that will be ‘field-tested’ during sporting activity with high ACL injury risk (netball) to evaluate its effect on tibial shock (in-field surrogate measure of knee load) and player comfort compared to a conventional shoe. Expected outcomes include reduced healthcare costs associated with the treatment of serious knee injury, including surgical reconstruction and early-onset knee osteoarthritis.