Pushing the Boundaries of Physiotherapy: Celebrating 10 Years of DPT Graduates

On Thursday 3 August, The Department of Physiotherapy was delighted to celebrate its 10 Year Milestone of Graduates from the Doctor of Physiotherapy program.

The celebration featured keynote speaker, Bec Mitchell (BPT 2010), who made an optimistic presentation about how, Our skills as physiotherapists are unique for forging new paths, which inspired current and future physiotherapists to commit to exploring new avenues and to leave their own impression in the physiotherapy profession.

Speaker at the Pushing Boundaries 10 yrs DPT event

Bec was joined by a diverse panel including, Jessica Lees (DPT 2013), Ky Wynne (DPT 2016) and Ryan Hon (DPT 2017) who provided thought-provoking insight into how their practice of physiotherapy manifested into contributing to important fields of work relating to global health, combating professional burnout, and men’s health. This interactive panel session dissected the concept of job crafting and the value of remaining authentic within physiotherapy. This was followed by a Q&A discussion where audience and panel members shared tips to create meaningful work to enhance and push the boundaries of the physiotherapy profession.

The event concluded with drinks and canapes, and provided an excellent opportunity for DPT Alumni to reconnect and celebrate the historical milestone together.

DPT alumni after the Pushing Boundaries event