Physiotherapy NHMRC success

A number of Physiotherapy staff were awarded grants and fellowships in the most recent NHMRC round.

Partnership Grants

  • A/Prof Rana Hinman CIA - Integration of exercise counselling and support into the Musculoskeletal Help Line for people with knee osteoarthritis: a mixed-methods evaluation of a novel telephone service ($437+)

Project Grants

  • Prof Kim Bennell CIA - Hype or Hope? platelet-Rich plasma as a symptom- and disEaSe-modifying Treatment fOR knee ostEoarthritis - the RESTORE trial ($1.4+million)
  • Dr Gavin Williams CIA - Improving mobility after traumatic brain injury with ballistic strength training ($661+)
  • A/Prof Alicia Spittle CIA - Motor trajectories of children born <30 weeks' gestation from birth to 5 years: early predictors and functional implications ($668+)


  • Dr Selina Parry - Neil Hamilton Fairley Clinical Early Career Fellowship
  • Dr Gavin Williams - TRIP fellowship
  • A/Prof Alicia Spittle - Career Development Fellowship