MSHS Presents: Being Digital in Health Sciences Research network event recap

In an era where digital transformation is reshaping healthcare, the Melbourne School of Health Sciences, in partnership with the Centre for Digital Transformation of Health, University of Melbourne hosted the "MSHS Presents: Being Digital in Health Sciences Research" networking event which brought together a diverse group of professionals eager to explore the intersection of digital health, allied health, and nursing informatics.

MSHS Presents

The event emerged as a follow-up to the 2021 "Becoming Digital in Health Sciences Research" Event. Its primary goal was to enhance knowledge and foster collaboration among attendees from various academic and clinical backgrounds.

Participants (both in-person and online) heard from Kath Feely, Chief Allied Health Information Officer (CAHIO) for the Parkville Precinct, Kirsten Davidson (Acting CNIO, RCH – CNC EMR Informatics), and Dr. Kit Huckvale, Digital Health Validitron Team Lead (Centre for Digital Transformation of Health). Their presentations shed light on the opportunities and challenges of integrating digital tools in allied health and nursing. Attendees then joined each other for morning tea and the opportunity to meet and network with peers working in the digital health space.

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