Interdisciplinary collaboration with Melbourne Neuroscience Insitute

The department has had some success in the Melbourne Neuroscience Institute Interdisciplinary Seed Funding Grant scheme for 2016.

  • Dr. Grace Thompson, A/Prof Larry Abel, and Prof. Gary McPherson.  "Optimising visual attention in children with autism spectrum disorder: a comparison of singing and speech".  $10,000
  • A/Prof. Allison McKendrick, Dr Bang Bui, Prof Roger Ordidge, and Dr Rishma Vidysasagar,  "3D geometry of the optic nerve in glaucoma imaged with 7TMRI and optical coherence tomography" $26,000
  • A/Prof Andrew Metha, Dr Laura Jacobson, Cameron Nowell, and A/Prof Kevin Barnham.  "Understanding  the role of tau protein post-translational modifications in axonal transport"  $26,000