PhD confirmation seminar - Living with Vestibular Migraine

Vestibular Migraine (VM) is a variation of migraine and one of the most common patient presentations to ENT surgeons, Neurologists, and Neuro-Otologists. Recent research, as well as anecdotal findings suggest that migraine is categorized by physicians as a challenging pathology due to psychological impacts, low level or variable response to medication, and the significant level of impairment experienced by patients. Neuro-biological attributes of migraine are considered to be another reason behind this challenge at least for migraine only, however, there is no study that has looked into the VM. VM could be as challenging as migraine but for other reasons.

Given the lack of previous research on patients’ experience with VM this qualitative study asks the following questions:

  1. What is the lived experienced of: a) Adults with VM b) their significant others c) Healthcare providers (HCPs) who treat VM
  2. What is the nature of communication in medical encounters between: a) HCPs and Vestibular Migraineurs b) Vestibular Migraineurs and their significant others

This study could expand our knowledge of the possible challenges of dealing with VM and its impacts on people’s lives. It also has the potential of providing us with more effective recommendations for the patients, their families and the HCPs on how to cope with VM.

Presenter: Mahsa Bakhit, PhD Candidate, Audiology and Speech Pathology Department

Supervisors: Dr Jessica Vitkovic, Dr Caitlin Grenness, Dr David Szmulewicz, Prof Richard Dowell

Date: 3 PM on 16/05/2016

Building: 550 Swanston Street, CARLTON

Room: Level 1, Prac room