Introducing myUniApps

myUniApps is a new service for students that provides online access to software packages: anywhere, any time and to any device. These include general productivity software and software that may be relevant to your particular subjects.

Anywhere, any time, any device

myUniApps is accessed via any web browser and from any web-enabled device (iPhone, Mac, PC, iPad, Windows Phone, Linux, Android, etc.). The software runs online, you only need to download a small Citrix receiver application.

Stay tuned!

myUniApps will go live from October 17th.  Visit the myUniApps page (staff are also able to log-in and use the software), install Citrix, log-in with your usual University credentials and try it out for yourself.

Opening, saving & printing

From myUniApps you can access and save files as normal and print to your own printer or a University print queue.


If you have questions, or wish to request software inclusions please:

Connect to myUniApps