Hokkaido University’s Health Sciences delegates visited Melbourne to promote international collaborations

From 4-7 September, Health Sciences delegates from Hokkaido University, HU, came to visit the University of Melbourne to discuss and promote future collaboration opportunities.

Members of MSHS had travelled to Hokkaido earlier in 2023 for “Integrated Allied Healthcare for Older Adults”,  a multi-disciplinary collaboration, and so this latest visit was a fantastic opportunity to build on these existing projects.

Professor Bruce Thompson, Professor Mike McGuckin, Associate Dean Alicia Spittle, Professor Cathy Vaughan at the Nosal Institute for Global Health, Professor Marie Gerdtz, Professor Fiona Dobson, and Associate Professor Andrew Metha, met with the HU delegation. This included Professor Rika Yano, Vice Executive Director (Diversity and Inclusion), Professor Taro Yamauchi, Director of the Centre for Environmental Health Sciences, Professor Daisuke Sawamura and Assistant Professor Inaho Shishido from the Faculty of Health Sciences, and Taena Uemura, University Research Administrator of the Institute for International Collaboration.

For more information on the time HU delegates spent in Melbourne and the discussions towards future collaborations in the health space, read Hokkaido University’s story here.

Prof Bruce Thompson (UoM) and Prof Rina Yano (HU)