Health Sciences at the Professional Staff Conference

The Melbourne School of Health Sciences were active participants at the 2019 Professional Staff Conference in September.

Keeping with the overarching theme of People – Our Most Important Asset, Operations Manager Suzy Irons took a lead role for the new Wellness @ Work initiative - a space dedicated to celebrating the importance of the health and wellbeing of our staff.

Australian wheelchair basketballer, wheelchair tennis player and radio host Dylan Alcott was a keynote speaker.

Wellness PSC

Clinical Tudor Donella Chisari from Audiology and Speech Pathology presented: Out of Balance: The impact of balance difficulties on day to day life. This was a discussion on the prevalence of balance difficulties, and the implications of them in today’s busy lifestyle.

Donella PSC

Eyecare Clinic Director Associate Professor Daryl Guest presented in the speakers lounge on Computer Vision Syndrome, Fact or Fiction.

Daryl Guest PSC

Promoting ear and hearing health, the Audiology Clinic had a video otoscope, so people could check out their own ears up close.

Chris Audiology PSC