Happy Allied Health Professions Day 2021

Today is International Allied Health Professions Day, a fitting time to take the opportunity to thank all of the hardworking Allied Health professionals at the Melbourne School of Health Sciences.

The collaborative work ethic of Allied Health encompasses everything we stand for at MSHS. The last few years have been exhausting, but it’s the great work our professionals have done together to maintain and improve community health and wellbeing that has allowed us to step through the challenging circumstances we’ve found ourselves in. The contributions of Allied Health professionals to the Australian community during such challenging times have been recognised in this video message from Dr Anne-marie Boxall, Australian Government Chief Allied Health Officer.

Earlier this year, MSHS was pleased to welcome Associate Professor Alicia Martin as interim Chief Allied Health Officer for Victoria and we look forward to continuing to build our working relationship with both Alicia and Safer Care Victoria. Watch Safer Care Victoria's Allied Health Professionals Day webinar here.

To celebrate the great work of all the Allied Health disciplines in our school, we have created a video of our own to celebrate Allied Health Professions day. Thanks to all our staff and students from around the school for sharing their thoughts on what it means to work as leaders and changemakers in their chosen field. Happy Allied Health Professions Day!