Egyptian Women Abroad conference

Dr Doa El-Ansary (Department of Physiotherapy, MDHS) was selected as one of the Australian delegation (with Dr Anne Aly MP and Captain Mona Shendy) to attend the Inaugural Egyptian Women Abroad conference “EGYPT CAN 2” in Cairo, Egypt to mark the International Year of Women.


This was an initiative by the Egyptian government, the Minister of immigration and Expatriate Affairs, HE Nabila Makrum; the Council for Women, Ms Maya Morsi (President); the Egyptian Embassy in Australia (HE Mohamed Khairat) and the Australian Embassy in Egypt (HE Neil Hawkins).

There were 32 women speakers from around the world. The conference program included presentations from all speakers. Speakers also sat on panel discussions alongside Government Ministers to discuss key issues and initiatives in Health, Finance, Education and Cultural Affairs. The conference was streamed live on National TV within Egypt and overseas and attracted much social media and radio coverage.

The Australian Delegation (pictured below) also held individual meetings with the Minister of Health and conducted visits to Parliament and the Navy.

Dr Doa El-Ansary is now continuing to develop connections for collaboration between the Ministry of Health in Egypt and the University of Melbourne with respect to higher education and health training programs. She was also honored with an award (pictured below) in recognition of her contribution to Physiotherapy and Cardiovascular Disease Rehabilitation and Management.