A Tale of Two Cities: Diabetes and Cancer

Free Public Lecture

A Tale of Two Cities: Diabetes and Cancer

Ground Floor Auditorium
Peter Doherty Institute
Grattan Street


Marian Barrett Lecture 2017

As more and more people live longer with long-term health conditions, co‐morbidity is a major issue facing health services globally.   As the incidence of both cancer and diabetes increases worldwide, evidence is also growing that people with diabetes are at increased risk of developing some cancers, and that some cancer treatments and medications can cause or exacerbate diabetes.

Studies investigating the consequences of cancer treatment on people with diabetes report worse outcomes and experience of care when compared to non‐diabetic counterparts. Reasons for this are poorly understood, and formal guidance on managing patients with co-morbid cancer and diabetes is limited, leaving health professionals to adopt a ‘trial and error’ approach to clinical management.   Dr Armes will review evidence investigating the prevalence, consequences and management of diabetes during cancer treatment, highlighting potential reasons for poorer outcomes when they exist. She will propose a need for increased awareness, education and research on this important health issue and greater integration of endocrinology services within the cancer setting.


  • Dr Jo Armes
    Dr Jo Armes, Senior Lecturer, Supportive Care in Cancer