CrowdCARE success at 2020 Engagement Australia Awards

Acknowledging their exceptional contributions to improving the quality of higher education teaching and learning, the CrowdCARE team comprising of A/Prof Laura Downie and A/Prof Michael Pianta from the Department of Optometry and Vision Sciences and David Vasjuta, Gordon Lau and Gavin Leys from Learning Environments, have been recognised at this year’s Engagement Australia Awards.

Members of the CrowdCARE team including Associate Professors Laura Downie and Michael Pianta

Left to right: A/Prof Michael Pianta, David Vasjuta, Prof Shitij Kapur, A/Prof Laura Downie, Gordon Yau.

MSHS congratulates the CrowdCARE team for achieving an Award for Excellence in Industry Engagement for developing online platform CrowdCARE (Crowdsourcing Critical Appraisal of Research Evidence). Aiming to teach users research critical appraisal skills and improve their enquiry-based learning and practice, the platform is believed to the one of the first of its kind worldwide.

To read the full story and find out more about the development of CrowdCARE, click here

To watch a short video created by the CrowdCARE team detailing the online platform, click here.

Image containing headshots of five members of the CrowdCare team, A/Prof Laura Downie, A/Prof Michael Pianta, David Vasjuta, Gordon Lau and Gavin Leys