Highlights from the Department of Physiotherapy

Staff Meeting

In this challenging time, Physiotherapy staff and students have been rapidly discovering new ways of working and learning, while supporting the physiotherapy profession to respond to COVID-19. It has been a huge effort from all, highlighted in these examples:

Prof Kim Bennell, Prof Rana Hinman and Dr Belinda Lawford are working hard to support the the Australian Physiotherapy Association's (APA) advocacy efforts to fund telehealth physiotherapy. The research of their teams on telehealth for knee osteoarthritis has been key in providing evidence to justify these efforts.

A/Prof Catherine Granger and Dr Selina Parry are part of an international collaboration that rapidly produced and disseminated clinical practice recommendations for acute (cardiorespiratory) physiotherapy practice for patients with COVID-19 globally. This important and timely work was published in the Journal of Physiotherapy earlier this week and can be accessed here.

team of international physiotherapists working on the practice recommendations

The Doctor of Physiotherapy teaching team, led by Dr Karen Donald and A/Prof Louisa Remedios have been working tirelessly to transition to all online teaching. Innovative ways of teaching (and meeting) have been discovered and our DPT students have shown great adaptability to new ways of learning.

Dr Natalie Fini is supporting the neurological physiotherapy community by sharing countless resources and working with the APA to advocate for funding for neurological physiotherapy services. Natalie is also involved in the rapid creation of the Stroke Community of Practice and web repository of information to support researchers and clinicians as they transition to telehealth.