A strong showing from the UoM Department of Physiotherapy at the 2023 IGNITE Physiotherapy Conference

The 2023 IGNITE Australian Physiotherapy Association Conference in Brisbane on 5-7 October was attended by 36 of our Department of Physiotherapy staff and students who gave 48 presentations on clinical research.

The conference provided an opportunity for innovation and collaboration on the diverse specialisations of physiotherapy, and discussions on the future of the field. Members of the Conference Organising Committees include Dr Kelly Bower & Prof Gavin Williams of the Neurology Scientific Committee; Georgina Whish-Wilson (PhD Student) of the Cardiorespiratory Scientific Committee; and Dr Natalie Fini of the Conference Advisory Committee.

UoM Physio IGNITE conference 2023

Congratulations to the UoM Department of Physiotherapy conference award winners:

Pitchfest Winners’- $15,000 for ‘Spasticity Assessment using your Smartphone’. Presented by Prof Gavin Williams & Dr Michelle Kahn (Honorary). 

Early Career Cardiorespiratory Award - Alisha da Silva (PhD student supervised by A/Prof Selina Parry, A/Prof Catherine Granger, Dr Natalie Fini and Dr Mark Merolli)

Presentation: "How do I test the waters? How do I go forward? Co-designing a supportive pathway after Intensive Care Unit admission".

Elizabeth Ellis New Researcher Cardiorespiratory Award - Dominic Truong (PhD student supervised by A/Prof Selina Parry, A/Prof Catherine Granger, Dr Shaza Abo and A/Prof Sunita Mathur)

Presentation: 'An international clinometric evaluation of the Short Physical Performance Battery test in critically ill individuals: a retrospective observational study" 

Neurology Best Paper - Sarah Gallow (PhD student supervised by Prof Gavin Williams, Prof Jenny McGinley & Prof John Olver)

Presentation: ‘Exercise-induced symptom exacerbation in moderate-to-extremely severe traumatic brain injury’.

Neurology Best Early Career Researcher Paper - Dr Megan Banky (Honorary)

Presentation: 'Controlling the Modified Tardieu Scale Assessment Speed to Match Joint Angular Velocities During Walking Impacts Spasticity Assessment Outcomes'.

Physio IGNITE conference 2023

The team also celebrated the graduation of A/Prof Catherine Granger and A/Prof Selina Parry from the Australian College of Physiotherapists in recognition of their Original Contributions in the field of ICU rehabilitation/recovery (Selina) and lung cancer and exercise (Catherine).

Finally, a big congratulations to all the staff and students who presented at the conference:

Alisha Da Silva - ‘How do I test the waters? How do I go forward?’ Co-designing a supportive pathway after Intensive Care Unit admission.

Dr Belinda Lawford – Do labels and language shape people’s beliefs about musculoskeletal pain? - Comparing effects of knee osteoarthritis educational information, with and without pathoanatomical content, on consumer management beliefs: An online randomised controlled trial.

Brooke Conley - What education should be provided to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and gout?

A/Prof Catherine Granger - The role of near peer-led simulation in physiotherapy education: a mixed methods study

A/Prof Cathy Said - Delayed recovery following COVID19: preliminary findings from Australia’s COVID19 ‘epi-centre’

A/Prof Cathy Said - Time to move: physical activity and older Australians - Bridging the gap: Working together to support physical activity in older Australians

Chris Musgrave - Effectiveness of pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments for acute concussion symptoms in adults: a systematic review of randomised controlled trials

Dominic Truong - An international clinimetric evaluation of the short physical performance battery test in critically ill individuals: a retrospective observational study

Dr David Kelley - Application of advanced haptic and visual feedback technology in physiotherapy teaching settings: a preliminary exploration of educators and clinicians’ perceptions

Elise Fraser - Effectiveness of conservative therapies in women with endometriosis associated pain: a systematic review

Ellie White - Ignite your passion for physiotherapy

Ellie White - Design and delivery of cultural safety assessment in a First Nations context

Dr Frances Batchelor - Time to move: physical activity and older Australians - Looking beyond individual behaviour change: population approaches to increase physical activity in older people

Free Coulston - Partnership-focused Principles-driven Online co-Design (P-POD): a mixed methods evaluation of a novel online co-design process

Free Coulston - Preferences of key stakeholders regarding community-based recreational activities for preschool-aged children born preterm: a mixed methods study

Prof Gavin Williams - Task-specific resistance training for mobility in acquired brain injury

Prof Gavin Williams - How can hand held dynamometry assist clinical decision making for people with neurological conditions?

Jennifer Jones - Exploring the relationship between frailty and physical function recovery for people in hospital who received a physiotherapy early rehabilitation program

Prof Jill Francis - Igniting future practice with a scientific approach to implementation

John Carey - Exploring barriers and facilitators to participation in outdoor adapted cycling for young people with disability: providers’ perspectives

John Carey - Delivering adapted cycling interventions for young people with disability in Australia - who’s doing what?

Dr Kelley Bower - Acceptability of a hybrid telehealth falls prevention intervention for people with stroke transitioning home

Prof Kim Bennell -  Effects of an online yoga program (My Joint Yoga) in people with knee osteoarthritis: a randomized controlled trial

Dr Liam Johnson - Physical activity interventions for people with moderate-to-severe traumatic brain injury: a rapid systematic review and meta-analysis

Dr Libby Proud - Feasibility of a novel hand telehealth training program for people with Parkinson’s disease: pilot randomised controlled study protocol

Matt Wingfield - Considerations for optimal recovery of the upper limb after stroke: in practice and in principle - a qualitative study

Dr Megan Banky - Controlling the Modified Tardieu Scale assessment speed to match joint angular velocities during walking impacts spasticity assessment outcomes

Dr Megan Banky - Hamstring hypertonicity and spasticity assessment: does the hip flexion angle impact assessment outcomes?

Dr Michelle Kahn - Physiotherapy delivery during the period of post-traumatic amnesia (PTA) after moderate to severe traumatic brain injury (TBI)

Dr Michelle Kahn - Contributing factors to upper limb associated reactions during walking in people with acquired brain injury

Dr Natalie Fini - What’s important to measure in physical activity after stroke? Opinions of expert clinicians and researchers

R Gill - Does the intramuscular injection of Botulinum Neurotoxin-A induce muscular weakness in adult-onset neurological patients with focal spasticity? A systematic review

Dr Rachel Toovey - Interventions to improve physical function in cerebral palsy: development of a fidelity measure for clinicians

Robyn Brennen - Pelvic floor symptoms, physical activity and health-related quality-of-life after hysterectomy for gynaecological cancer

Sara Gallow - Exercise-induced symptom exacerbation in moderate-to-extremely severe traumatic brain injury

Sara Gallow - Cardiorespiratory fitness assessment and training in the early sub-acute phase of recovery following traumatic brain injury: a systematic review

Sara Issak - Self-reported motor and non-motor symptoms in people with functional gait disorder: A cross-sectional study

A/Prof Selina Parry - Moving the needle on recovery outcomes for people following critical illness

A/Prof Selina Parry - Year in review: ICU rehabilitation

Dr Steph Filbay - Optimising cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) injury outcomes: What can we learn from ACL research in humans?

Dr Steph Filbay - A ruptured ACL can heal without surgery: implications for physiotherapy practice

Dr Tara Fitzgerald - Associations between motor development at 2 years and physical activity at 4-5-years in children born very preterm

Dr Thorlene Egerton - How do people with knee osteoarthritis respond to a video delivering empowering education about their condition and its management?

Dr Thorlene Egerton - Investigating the ‘how’ of patient education for knee osteoarthritis - An online randomised controlled trial

Travis Haber - Diagnostic labels for hip pain impact beliefs about hip pain management: an online randomised controlled trial

Dr Udari Colombage - Experiences and perspectives of pelvic floor disorders and treatment in women with breast cancer: a qualitative study

Dr Udari Colombage - The feasibility of pelvic floor muscle training to treat urinary incontinence in women with breast cancer: a telehealth intervention trial