2022 Len Tierney Lecture with Prof Cathy Humphreys

On October 12, the Department of Social Work is delighted to hold our 2022 Len Tierney Lecture: "Supporting advocacy in child abuse, domestic and family violence through research: Challenges and changes", delivered by Prof Cathy Humphreys.

The drive to ‘make research count’ is a constant issue for researchers and academics. Social work research is typically applied research to address this issue of relevancy, built on long-term, intensive collaborations in which there is a shared endeavour to create the evidence to inform policy and practice. These qualities have characterised the work of Professor Cathy Humphreys throughout her academic career.

In moving towards an honorary position, Cathy reflects on the consistencies and developments in her research career in the area of child abuse, domestic and family violence. In this 2022 Len Tierney Lecture, Cathy will explore the ways in which research can be used as a tool for policy advocacy and practice change. She will reflect on the enduring themes in her research, the new areas of exploration, and the areas of success. She will also outline the challenges that lie ahead in sustaining research that can be applied to take forward policy and practice change in the area of child abuse, domestic and family violence.


Support Len Tierney Social Work Travelling Award

This scholarship is an annual award bequeathed by the Tierney family to enable an Master of Social Work student to travel to the USA and engage in advanced direct practice training and specialisation.