2017 Nursing Professional Experience Placement in Nepal

In October 2017, Nursing Professional Experience Placement Coordinator Kerrie Arthur had the absolute pleasure of taking 8 Master of Nursing Science students into the Chepang and Chitwan areas of Nepal for their final Professional Experience Placement.


Laura Main, Stuart Elith, Henry Clark, Sarjana Muthusamy, Henry Tran, Elsa Sorenson, Carol Manduca, and Richard West (pictured above) worked tirelessly in the mountainous communities of Nepal for two weeks. The students worked with friends Keshab, Raj, the Mona Lisa team, Dr Calida Neal and Neville Neal, from SVPi, and the amazing inter- disciplinary health team.

The arduous task of steep climbing for 8 hours did not deter the students from setting up an adhoc triage centre in a tiny village far removed from civilisation. The village does not have any of the amenities we tend to take for granted, and staple needs are rare. The weather is unforgiving to human vulnerability; freezing cold in winter and extremely hot in summer. Life in the mountains is tough, food is scarce, water scarcer and illness thrives.

As an international and inter- disciplinary health team they provided health care, health education, and formed friendships with unbelievably happy people. The happiness was at odds with their dire need of all things which enrich, enhance and protect life. Their shared time was hilarious, amazing, sad, and absolutely life changing.

They watched in collective awe as two new little souls entered the world, a touching moment, promising hope for the future.

The Master of Nursing science students were integral in the amazing health team, achieving incredible outcomes for more than 300 people living high in the mountains.

One little girl in particular was retrieved for extensive investigations, surgical procedures and nursing care- the little girl is able to receive on going specialty care, thanks to the students innovative plan of setting up a funding account which will assist with the cost of her care.

As a result of their experiences in Nepal,  the eight students not only consolidated their nursing practice, in readiness for their graduate year, they gained an understanding of the profound and positive impact nurses have in health care.