2016 Optometry Alumnus Award

Congratulations to John Farmer on being this year’s recipient of the Department of Optometry & Vision Sciences Alumnus Award.

 John Farmer

This award recognises his years of contribution to the development of sustainable optometric services for the people in Papua New Guinea lead. This includes the initiation and coordination of an eye care training program that has developed a life changing eye care system in the developing country.  He has worked for many organisations in PNG including living there for almost two years as Fred Hollows Foundation PNG Education Manager and Head of the Department of Eye Care at Diving word University. John helped establish an optical workshop in Port Moresby Hospital and is on the board of PNG Eye Care, a National NGO working to make glasses accessible and affordable throughout PNG (2011-2015). He co-wrote the National Eye Plan and is also a member of PNG National Prevention of Blindness committee. John continues to visit PNG for short teaching trips and consults for the University of Papua New Guinea to provide teaching to Ophthalmology trainees at the Port Moresby General Eye Clinic.

John has also made significant contributions to Australian optometry by developing novel instrumentation. He has a Bachelor of Optometry from Melbourne University, a Certificate in Ocular Therapeutics through the State University of New York and a Masters in Optometry (Research) from Melbourne University entitled “Developing eye care and an analysis of eye conditions in Papua New Guinea”.